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Eurostampi: italian premium soap dyes

Reference point in its sector

Since 1900, Eurostampi has always been the first Italian company to know and adopt the most modern technologies in the production of soap molds. By maintaining direct professional relationships with the major plant manufacturers, Eurostampi has been providing perfect molds for every type of machine for over 100 years. The commercial relationships with famous multinationals make the company a flagship of Made in Italy quality in the world.

high precision cnc for soap dyes

When every milligram matters

The large soap producers know that precision and accuracy are the key factors for optimizing resources. This is why they rely on the Eurostampi molds, precise to the milligram, to reduce product losses to almost zero. Working in direct contact with the major producers of plants - Binacchi, Mazzoni LB, Soaptec, MeccanicheModerne, SAS, SELA - Eurostampi, for his own experience, knows a preview of most of the new devices or modification of the machine and immediately is able to create the specific mold for that specific industrial production.


Molds made to last

Weight, texture, designs and finishes perfect over time. The Eurostampi soap molds exceed every wear test, thanks to the use of top quality raw materials and the most advanced machining centers. Our technical office is always available to provide technical support in the assembly of the mold on the plant and ensure its perfect installation. This allow the large productions to remain "big" from the first to the last soap.

International experience

Lux, Camay and Dove.
Just to name but a few.

It is not a coincidence that the major international soap producers address to Eurostampi. Since the 80s, big names of multinationals of consumer goods entrust their productions to the Made in Italy quality of Eurostampi, relying on over 100 years of experience and continuous innovation in a single and specific sector: soap molds.